index-Manhole Covers

Industrial Casting Division

Investment Castings / Precision Castings / Lost-Wax Castings, Resin Sand Castings, Lost Foam Casting…

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index-Manhole Steps

SYI Forging Factory

Forged Rings, Forged Fittings, Shafts, Lifting Anchors, Drop Forgings, Cold Forgings and other Free Forging…

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index-Industrial Casting Division

Aluminum Division

Aluminum Sand Castings, Permanent Mould, Aluminum Die Castings, Aluminum Extrusions and all types of aluminum…

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index-Street Bollards

SYI Foundry

Manhole Covers, Gully Gratings, Surface Boxes, Tree Gratings, Bollards, Garden Benches, outdoor furnitures…
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