> OEM Industrial Castings
All kinds of Investment Castings / Precision Castings / Lost-Wax Castings, Resin Sand Casting, Lost Foam Castings and more.
Achievable: Min. Unit Weight: 0.2 kg,
Max. Unit Weight: 2 tons & Max. Dim.: 10000 x 3000mm.OEM / ODM request is very welcome!> Aluminum PartsSYI Aluminum Division has different workshops specialized in:
– Aluminum Sand Castings
– Aluminum Die Castings
– Aluminum Extrusion> OEM Forgings

Using die forging and upset forging workmanship, up to 30 kgs, we are able to manufacture different designs according to customer’s drawing or sample.SYI Forging Factory also uses advanced cold forging technology in the production of various machinery parts.With high-tech process featured in high efficiency, low energy consumption and high quality, Cold Forgings parts are used more and more for accuracyof dimension, weight and mechanical property.

– Die Forgings
– Cold ForgingsWith different material grades and heat treatment requirement, we are able to manufacture as per customer’s drawing or sample.