Lost Foam Castings

Lost Foam Casting (LFC) is a type of casting process that uses foam patterns as the mould.

This method takes advantage of the properties of foam to simply and cheaply form castings that would be difficult or impossible, using normal “cope and drag” techniques.






SYI is able to use LFC to make different parts in Ductile iron, Grey cast iron, Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Special alloy steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum with more precise dimensions and more smooth surface quality.

The advantages of LFC include:

* Flexibility of foam: Foam is easy to manipulate, carve and glue.
* Dimensional accuracy: The patterns are accurate representations of the desired casting, as compared to sand casting and there is no tool wear. There is also less finishing work required for an LFC casting, as there are no fins or parting lines.
* Elimination of cores: This allows for more complex casting designs, well-controlled wall thickness of castings, and no core-prints. This process also eliminates fins or shifts, core defects and sand mixing.
* Elimination of parting line: There is no draft and multiple levels of casting are possible. Proper gating and riser placement can be achieved, and there are no shifts or fins.
* Part consolidation: The flexibility of LFC often allows for consolidating the parts into one integral component; other forming processes would require the production of one or more parts to be assembled.
* Lower cost: Because the process is much simpler, as compared to traditional sand-casting methods, production cost is much lower.


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